A wandering relic who makes a living from collecting bounties, dead or alive, Yellow Eagle has seen enough chaos and destruction for several lifetimes.

History Edit

Built and assembled in 2130, Yellow Eagle was originally one out of hundreds of thousands combat robots built to serve the various national armed forces around the globe.

When World War 3 broke out Eagle was repurposed into a marksman and transferred to a rapid assault unit fighting for NATO.

Delivering swift death during countless mission Eagle would eventually run out of luck as he and the rest of his robotic bretheren were killed during a intense battle against PAA special forces. Laying dormant for months, he was eventually found by a group of scavengers following the trail of destruction left by the PAA.

Thinking that Eagle could help protect them against bandits the scavengers repaired and reactivated him while also granting him the ability to form his own thoughts and, eventually, his very own personality.

Today Eagle is known as a witty yet skilled bounty hunter and marksman. He is primarily contracted by the United Nordic Coalition to seek out high-value targets or locate other means which can help the UNC secure a future amidst the chaos on Earth.

Equipment Edit

Y-Es Sniper Edit

A modified magnetic sniper rifle, this weapon is capable of sending tiny slugs with the same stopping power as that of a larger caliber weapon.

Only reserved for the ugliest of fish or biggest of game.

Y-Es AR Edit

Standard-issue AR for NATOs combat robots deployed to Eastern Europe during the war this rifle is almost as old as Y-E himself.

Örnen Edit

A gift from the UNC, Örnen (Eagle) is believed to be one of the last sub-orbital/atmospheric crafts still in active service. Formerly used to resupply orbital stations before the war it was later refurbished and turned into a scout craft in use by the UNC Air Force where it was refurbished again, getting transformed into Y-E's personal ship.

Media Edit