The United Nordic Coalition, also known as the 'UNC' and/or simply the 'Coalition', is a military republic situated in northern Scandinavia. Its territories dot the region in pockets in former Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

History Edit

Founded in 2379 the UNC was the response to growing instability in Scandinavia following the collapse and the rising threat of the New European Order.

A joint-effort between the remaining governments of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark the UNCs members were quick to pool all their resources together allowing them to restore order to the region.

While most of the Scandinavian Badlands lay unclaimed the UNC keeps a watchfull eye on the region as a whole.

Military Forces Edit

A mix of mechanized infantry, light vehicles and rare high-tech pre-war equipment the UNC's military consists primarily of infantry forces trained and equipped to safeguard New Stockholm and other UNC cities.

To aid with this task the UNC relies on the UNCDF and the UNCID.

Focusing on defense against external threats the UNCDF not only maintain standing garrison forces but it is also responsible for ensuring safety for all citizens and border integrity.

Meanwhile the UNCID is tasked with internal security and protection of key government personnel.

Media Edit