The New European Order, also known as 'NEO' for short, is a young but powerful alliance of warlords, generals and dictators.

History Edit

Founded in 2420 the birth of the New European Order had been foreseen (and feared) for many years by the UNC and others living in northern Europe.

Advocating for genocide against mutants, re-activation of GEH manufacturing plants and for a new world order to rebuild Earth NEOs leader, Volk, was anything but a kind man.

Through aggressive expansion his forces, at first irregular militias bribed with food, money and resources, managed to seize vast territories right from the start.

While the UNC buttoned down and increased border security NEO advanced unchallenged throughout the European wasteland with nothing but gangs of raiders and mutant enclaves to stand in their way.

Today NEO enjoys the result of their rapid expansionist ways. Repurposed PAA and NATO factories churn out weapons, NEOs own factories construct vehicles at an alarming rate and legions of salvaged, rebooted and rebuilt WW3 wardroids form a wall of steel to shield Volk and his inner circle.

Despite past efforts the UNC have failed to establish proper diplomatic relations with Volk. As for Volk he have bigger plans than teatime with Minister Svärd.

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