Milwaukee (also known as 'The Mill'), is a large settlement in the former state of Wisconsin. It sits on the edge of Lake Michigan and is controlled by the Confederation of Unified Districts.

It is considered by all to be the industrial heartland of the Confederation and is one of the central pillars of the State's power. Providing a large a vast array of supplies to the Confederation through its enormous series of factories, putting them on the map as being one of the largest manufactories thriving within this side of the New World.

Population Edit

The great majority of the Mill's inhabitants are workers unceasingly toil away for most of their lives to keep this manufacturing giant working without fault. While their life is harsh and usually short, most citizens see it as a fair exchange for moderate wealth, security and safety compared to living within the ruins outside of the walls that surround them.

However, the Mill's constant production has left the area scarred. Both the land and air are heavily polluted and are thus dependent on trade and the rest of Confederation to provide them the food and water that they need to survive within the desolate cityscape of the Mill.

These necessaries are brought in through either the Confederation's own caravans or that of the caravans entrusted by both the City and the Confederation if situations are dire.

History Edit