The Marauders is a band of mercenaries travelling across the nations (and sometimes continents) of old. Infamous among less-reputable citizens the Marauders are known to carry out VIP- and cargo-transport missions rapidly and stealthily, at a high price of course.

To achieve their goals they use Mirage, an aging transport shuttle used to ferry supplies between atmospheric craft and supply depots on the ground.

Despite its age the Mirage serves the Marauders well as they fly low to avoid detection from gun-toting scavengers and other dangerous forces, such as the New European Order.

Jacobs Edit

Often saying that he was born in the wrong generation, Jacobs has held a lifelong dream of being a spaceship captain.

Having spent many years as a boy observing the stars and the twisted remains of the Moon he often fantasized how it would be to just take a spaceship and fly away from Earth.

Of course these dreams will always be simply that, dreams. Eventually after venturing across Europe as a freelancer Jacobs met with Washington and Jasmine, forming the Marauders.

Now he serves as their captain and is, in another way, a father for his slightly dysfunctional family.

Equipment Edit

The Baron Edit

Custom-made handcannon/shotgun hybrid crafted with industrial precision, gifted to Jacobs from a happy merchant.

Jasmine Edit

Young, curious and as fiery as the napalm which once torched most of Europe Jasmine is both the pilot and engineer of the Marauders. Born and raised on the northern coast of Norway she and her family made a living from scouring old ruins and selling their weekly haul.

Eventually Jasmine had more ambitions for life than to spend all her years hunting for scrap and promptly left her family.

Equipment Edit

SUD Edit

SUD, or Smart Utility Drone, were used by NATO combat engineers to assist with combat repairs in the field.

Washington Edit

Descendant of United States NATO forces stationed in Europe, Washington was raised like a soldier. Disciplined and focused Wash is a expert on most weapons and assorted weapon systems.

Because of the constant threat from bandits and mutants Washington's childhood was anything but normal. Like the rest of his family he put the call of duty above all else.

Once he met Jacobs and Jasmine he realized that for once he could use his knowledge for good while also having a solid chance of actually feeling like he belongs somewhere.

Equipment Edit

GAU-9 Reckoner Mini Edit

Minimized version of the GAU-9 Reckoner, a rapid-fire anti-armor and anti-infantry weapon developed before the war to replace the GAU-8 Avenger, Washington is able to carry this massive weapon thanks to his cybernetic arm.

Trivia Edit

Despite their name the Marauders are actually not your average bloodthirsty pirates. The name is a reference to a famous NATO unit which served during World War 3 and gained fame through its rapid assault and stealth tactics.

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