Malin Lejonsköld is a renowned envoy with the UNC's diplomatic branch. Currently she is stationed in the US.

History Edit

Wealth and security were two of Malin's birthrights. Being the only daughter of two prominent politicians within the United Nordic Coalition she had never experienced starvation, famine or death.

As she grew older she wanted to see the rest of the world and despite her parent's many objections she enrolled with the UNC's diplomatic branch. Venturing out into the badlands to provide aid and seek new allies is far from glamorous but at least it gives Malin some comfort knowing that she'd tried to provide for others.

Now she sets her sights on the former United States. Tasked with finding a reliable ally across the Atlantic Ocean Malin eventually finds herself at the heart of the Republic of Texas...

Equipment Edit

Peacemaker Edit

Upgraded UNC sidearm. Pre-war specs. Three-round burst and self-recharging battery.

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