The People's Confederation of Unified Districts (Or Confederation of Unified Districts as it's often shortened to) Is an anuthoritarian society built upon the ideals of syndicalism and planned economy.

Rising out of the ruins within the outer rust belt of former Illinois and Wisconsin. The Confederation is a strong power within the great lakes area of the former Midwestern United States.

The Confederation's strength comes from its ability to manufacture basic and relatively complex equipment and ammunition at higher compacity than other rival powers within the region.

The Confederation uses this to back their 'Market Union'. An organization of traders who, backed with an allowance coming from the surplus of the Confederation's resources, are able to spread the Confederation's influence to nearby communities.

The Confederation's government hierarchy is divided into three sections of authorities, Agriculture, Defense, and Industrial. Each of these sectors has a wide range of delegates and representatives chosen from the various Districts that make up the Confederation.

Each of these sectors has a greater Council that has representatives from the Districts that discuss and debate issues that concern the State that is relative to their Sector.