A synthetic assassin wandering the earth, while leaving a trail of blood and spraypaint everywhere he's been.

History Edit

An enigma coming out of the untouched steel halls of the Wayland Production Plant in Michigan, Boombox was to be the next line of synthetic assassins to be used in World War 3. Unfortunately, the war ended before his personality programming was completed, and such was never activated until centuries later when he and the entire plant were mysteriously turned on.

Activated and able to experience whatever's left of the world now, Boombox took it upon himself to finish his personality programming himself by trying to find anything in employee belongings that he could emulate himself after. Several weeks later, he filled in all the holes and gaps in his programming by watching and listening to quite a few hip hop music videos and tracks one plant employee had copious amounts of, as well as dressing in their jacket and shoes along with the combat fatigues Boombox was going to be issued.

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