History Edit

Unit 306-B 'Aegis' was a robotic SWAT unit assembled and deployed in the year 2135, the closing years of World War 3. It operated with a great deal of efficiency, working closely with the Texas State Police Force to stamp out crime and rising civil unrest.

Once the nukes fell, however, the resulting EMP was more than enough to overload his systems, causing him to emergency shut down to preserve integrity. The unit awoke hundreds of years later to a broken world.

Having only its energy weapon and the hard light barrier projector built into its arm, it had to now operate on its own protocols due to lack of satellite uplink and standing orders. It wandered for years, doing its best to serve as an altruistic force in an unforgiving and lawless wasteland.

Protocols Edit

Being a more simple automaton driven by an AI that is not meant to advance much further than slightly-below sapience, Aegis and his actions are rooted by three protocols installed into his systems. It cannot act in a way that will violate these protocols, but being active so long means it has been rewriting much of its core programming to adapt. For that reason, whether these protocols are set in stone or not has yet to be seen.

They are as follows:

Protocol 1: Serve the Public Trust.

Protocol 2: Uphold the Law.

Protocol 3: Protect the Innocent.

Equipment Edit

HN-MV5 Energy Submachine Gun Edit

A staple of the Special Weapons and Tactics arsenal, this gun is renown for its lightweight frame and precision, practically suffering no recoil due to its design. Fully automatic, the weapon emits bright blue bolts of searing energy downrange; perfect for busting into homesteads, drug dens, and clearing streets of criminals.

Crest Series Hardlight Riot Shield Edit

Implanted in the unit's left arm, it is able to project a solid barrier of brilliant blue light. The projected barrier can absorb anything from molotov cocktails to ballistics without suffering too much damage to its integrity, coupled with the benefits of being completely transparent so that user visibility is never compromised. The shield produced is one-way, meaning that it is possible to still fire from behind the barrier as it absorbs all damage from the front.

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